Dr. Gangubai Hangal

Padma Vibhushan Dr. Gangubai Hangal

Gangubai Hangalji, a legendary musician of Khayal genre of Hindustani Music was known for her deep and powerful voice. She was one of the legendary disciples of Guru Sawai Gandharva. Inspite of several obstacles which came her way. Gangubai Hangalji blossomed into a singer of repute due to her unflinching devotion,struggle and dedication. Having a music career spanning more than 80 years, she has enthralled audiences not only in the State but also in the entire nation. Recognizing her accomplishments she was awarded number of honours, doctorates and awards, which include Karnataka Sangeet Nritya Academy Award, Sangeet Nataka Academy Award and Padmavibhushan. Gangubai Hangalji belongs to Dharwad district in the state of Karnataka. Her personal and professional achievements inspire and continue to inspire large number of students and lovers of Hindustani Music. Her love for Hindustani Music is exhibited by the sheer passion with which she narrates her past. She strongly desired that there should be a systematic mechanism to teach, promote and propogate Hindustani Music in this part of the country. She wished that budding Hindustani Music students should be given an opportunity to learn Hindustani classical Music. Recognizing her achievements, her service to the nation and her wishes, the Government of Karnatak sanctioned an institute attributed to her.

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